Elite Coaching

First Three Months = Initial season start which includes a minimum of three months.   Due to the detail put into plan creation, this minimum fee is non-refundable. 

Tiered Monthly Coaching = Starting at $249 per month, (after above 3 months).        

Finish your first race or gun for a World Championship qualification, our coaching is key for athletes of all skill levels looking for the best way to enter the sport or improve a personal record at any distance. Packages feature one-on-one personal multisport coaching  to ensure a premier season. 

  • Endurance testing to locate your personal heart rate zones for training
  • Computerized, personal feedback with "Training Peaks" software 
  • Personal Equipment Assessment (PEA)
  • Personal Fitness Evaluation (PFE) in each discipline
  • Planning of your race season
  • Planning of your training schedule - athlete specific plan
  • Unlimited telephone and email contacts with your coach, including pre-race day prep!
  • Multiple one-on-one training sessions with Jimi to hone your skills (for locals only) and discuss any multisport questions
  • Local on-site race day coaching available for an additional fee
  • Discounts on individual Swim, Ride, Run, sessions with your coach

One on One Sessions

Cost = $50 per hour session or $125 for a three hour session

  • This cost includes rides, runs or swims at my location.  I will provide the route, coaching and post race recovery fluids.  
  • Sessions can include a single sport or any combination of swimming, biking or running. 

Coaching Philosophy

UltimateMultisport is here for you.  Don't fumble your way through triathlon.  Your success and enjoyment in this lifestyle is our ultimate goal.

Triathlon appeals to a variety of people. Whether your goal is to simply be in better shape or qualify for the Ironman World Championships, we can be of assistance to you.  The problem with entering the sport is this is easy to just jump into and get your feet wet and develop bad habits, without a little guidance.  

I am an "athlete's coach" and understand what your personal needs may be in this sport.  This comes from experience rather than a class that was paid for. I have competed in 31 full Ironman events, including multiple Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. 

Everyone has questions, questions (and probably a few more questions) and need  them answered "now".  The funny thing is, the higher the level you get to in the sport, usually the more questions you have.   

I limit the number of athletes that I coach each year in order to provide the best, personalized training for each athlete.  Each plan is designed for the individual athlete.  

I offer hands-on, private and semi-private coaching clinics that cover the following areas however, are not limited to:

  • Triathlon orientation and terminology 
  • Individual assessment of all three disciplines
  • Personal training in all three disciplines* 
  • Goals and attainment strategies
  • Personal, prioritized training schedules - NO TEMPLATES!
  • Video/photographic analysis
  • Race planning and preparation  

Specialized training is also offered in the following areas:

  • Getting the most out of a quick, smooth transition
  • Race tactics
  • Injury prevention
  • Equipment recommendations - Only buy what you really need
  • Equipment maintenance and flat repair
  • Nutrition
  • More!  

My goal is to offer what I needed most when I was just getting into the sport.   Why suffer through listening to horror stories and read endless blogs where  half of the information is made up? Why possibly start out with several bad training or racing experiences? Email me today and let's decide what may work the best for you.  

Email Jimi


"Having Coach Jimi guide me has made a dramatic impact on my swim and bike. The training plan Coach Jimi developed for me has been spot on, even with the added difficulty of working around my Achilles problems. His training plan has been the key to my gains this year. So far I have set PRs on both my Olympic and Half Iron distances this year and with his continued outstanding coaching I am confident I will do the same for my Full Ironman."
-David, MI

"Coach JImi understands my abilities and limitations better that I do and that's why he has been able to push me beyond my comfort zone in all three disciplines, all while keeping me free from overuse and other such injuries. His advice and insights have been monumental in my success as well. I now have the confidence to push myself beyond previous expectations. I credit Jimi's belief in me and his abilities as a coach, as the reason for my success this race season. Thanks, coach!"
-Tony, MI

"I believe having you as my coach is one of the best decisions I have made since I started Triathlon."
- David (MI)

"Coach Bones worked out a game plan to fit my race plan and goals.  I stuck right to the plan.  I can honestly say that with his help, I finished well before the times I expected. He came up with a perfect individualized plan for me that fit my schedule and abilities. His experience and knowledge was instrumental to getting me to the finish line.  I gained monster bike speed and ended the year with my first podium finish!  Thanks for an injury free and successful season!"
- Seth (Holly Springs NC)

"During those times when I didn't believe in myself, your confidence in me gave me motivation to keep going.  Your online feedback was helpful and encouraging. You were always available, able to answer my questions, and ease my concerns.  You made me realize that I had another whole new gear on my bike."
-Raina (Lansing MI)

"You recommended elite personal coaching  for my first Ironman event. That was the perfect plan for me.  Even with a bad ankle sprain, right in the middle of the meat of my training plan, I was able to do the extraordinary task of finishing Ironman. You were right there, each day, assuring me of my success.  Great training plan! Thank you for all of your help!" 
-Carissa (Lansing MI)